Southern Highlands Women’s Conference


The 2021 Southern Highlands Women’s Conference will be held online via Facebook Live Streaming and Youtube on the 5th of June starting from 10am.

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Meet our speakers for 2021:

Jackie retired from Mary Andrews College just as the pandemic started in Sydney. She had served there for 25 years on the faculty, the last 12 years as Principal. Prior to that Jackie had spent 10years in Parish ministry. Currently, apart from enjoying a slower pace of life, she is a pastoral supervisor and is enthusiastically waiting to be able to return to Kairos prison ministry and ministry in Myanmar when restrictions ease. Jackie is very involved in her local church which is Sadleir Anglican.

Jackie will be talking on why we need to be grounded in God’s steadfast love and why our lives should be oriented around ‘the work of the Lord.’ How can we be steadfast and what does that look like?

Patricia Weerakoon is a medical doctor from Sri Lanka, academic, sexologist and writer. She is an evangelical Christian. She retired in 2012 from after a career as director of an internationally renowned graduate program in sexual health at the University of Sydney to pursue her passion for writing and public speaking. Her writing and speaking brings together her enthusiasm for sex and her love for the glory of God. Her nonfiction books are gold-standard guides for good sex for all ages. She also writes romantic fiction with a social conscience, bringing together her international experience in sexual health and her passion for her homeland of Sri Lanka.
As a Sexologist she has translated her passion to bring good holistic sexual health to all people into practical sex education, sex research and sex therapy. Patricia has a recognised media presence and is a popular public speaker and social commentator in Australia.

Patricia will be talking on Sex, Gender and Identity
Trans, Bi, Pansexual, Agender, Fluid – Do these terms confront? confuse? 
How should the church respond to these issues? How should we deal with these issues in schools? In the family?
The presentation overviews three perspectives on sex and gender – medical, social, and Biblical – proposing that a model of gender identity informed by all three will truly lead to holistic personal and social well-being.
The discussion will conclude by exploring how Christians, who believe the Biblical-theological perspective of gender as an aspect of being embodied images of our creator God, can respond in compassion to people with gender confusion without in any way compromising their conviction of the Biblical-theological view and teachings.